Free mouse catches the bird


Isaac Brock, líder do Modest Mouse, respondendo aos pedidos de Free Bird no álbum ao vivo Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again, logo depois da música Paper Thin Walls (pedido tipo “Toca Raul!”, Free Bird é um colosso do rock criado pela banda Lynyrd Skynyrd com dez minutos de duração e contém virtuosismos guitarrísticos intermináveis). Sensacional.

I know I’ve said this before; the odds of us actually playing Free Bird are…there ARE no odds. It is not going to happen. I’ll start with the first reason: we have NO idea how to play Free Bird. The second reason is: in the lovebug’s natural habitat, hearing that would just fucking kill them, wouldn’t it? You wouldn’t want that, right? He’s adorable. He is cute. Thirdly: Even if some, like, pick your deity, whoever, came down from the heavens or the hills or wherever your deity lives, and just blessed us with this vast knowledge of Free Bird and things, and we could play it backwards, sing backwards, we could do all that crazy shit, we still just wouldn’t do it. If this were the Make a Wish foundation and you were gonna die in 20 minutes, just long enough to play Free Bird, we still wouldn’t play it. And here’s the end reason, the end reason is that life is just too fucking short to play or hear Free Bird.

One Response to “Free mouse catches the bird”

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